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of Central Florida

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A portrait of Cpl. Angela Gawron.  Painted by Pvt. Vuchinich in 1944

Image to her right is a symbolic portrait of Air WAC’s of the Womens Army Corps painted at AAFTAC.

Painting was originally done by oil and oil pastel on canvas later, folded and mounted on paper board then framed with glass.

Painting has been damaged by water and mold during the storage period.  The process below depicts the steps that were taken to restore back to it’s original appearance.

Mold mitigation
Painting was treated with chemical


method brings original colors back to paint layer

using Aquatos cleaning method.


secures unstable paint layer with consolidant


apply filling material to missing paint area

Inpainting process

after filling, match color and texture with reversible paint.

G10 Lining process

use G10 board and fiber glass mesh to reinforce original canvas over vacuum seal hot table.

Before Restoration (front)

Before Restoration (back)

A Portrait of Cpl. Angela Gawron

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restoration of 17th century painting done by italian master Giovanni sassoferrato (1609-1685)

Maecenas aliquam maecenas nostra

The 2009 Christmas stamp image was a painting of Sassoferrato, he was famous for painting images of Madonna and child. Last year Art Conservation of Central Florida was able to restore on one of his pieces. Along with cleaning, Art Conservation reversed the work of prior inadequate restorations. One of the biggest challenges was removing a halo design above the subjects, which was not part of Sassoferrato’s original design. The halo at one point was added to cover a crack forming on the painting. It is always a challenge to work on an over 100 year-old prior restoration since it had banded with the original paint.

Before Restoration (front)

Before Restoration (back)


method brings original colors back to paint layer

using different solvents.

After partial cleaning, original skin tone started gradually showing.

Removing heavy varnish showed previous restoration

of covered crack by added design

Consolidation takes place to stablize paint film

Restoration / conservation complete

Removing multiple layers of varnish,

from the most recent, back to the original work beneath (left to right).